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[ Events ] Time Limited Shop and my Experience with it


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So, I know there is going to be people who say "Shhhh don't say this on the forum", and my re*al to that is, do you honestly think Oasis doesn't already know?
With that being said, yesterday I wanted to get the new clothing. So I started to use my Stamina potions. I had used 587 50 Stamina potions and 2147 10 Stamina potions.

If we do the math (assuming my math is correct)50 x 587 is 29,350 29,350 is pure stamina now to put that into stamina potions for 10 points, I divided that number by 10 and got 2935 stamina potions Add that with 2147 stamina potions I have already used, it brings the total 10 point stamina potions to 5,082. Now since I am like 2 frags short, I would estimate a guess of no more than 5,500 potions can get you 50 frags of the clothing at 23 points each. I also had 16 points left over from using all of it. So it isn't too much of a stretch that you could in theory spend 5.5k 10 point stamina potions and get the clothing. Which totals to 1,120 points points I earned.

Honestly, this is a little ridiculous, if you wanted to profit off of this shop, you'd have to shell out THOUSANDS of stamina potions at a time, which may I add, you gain 365 (typically) 10 point stamina potions a year just from the 1 hour session, then you can get 2 from group shop each day for 730 a year. Then throw in 1 from Space-Time each day for 365 a year, you would get 365. Now put all that together, you would have 1,460. I am not going to include the 50 point stamina potions you can get from survival as that is too random, but you would have to play for 4 Years to obtain 5,840 10 point Stamina Potions.

With all that being said, this is a bit ridiculous cause you're more likely to get the thing you want from Time Limited Shop by piecing it over time. On other accounts, I have spent maybe 2 or 3 years picking up Edo Deidara frags from this event. But something needs to change about this event, I would suggest either, reducing the cost of items by say, 10% OR increase the drop rate of the points needed for this event. Yes, I know spending 10 ingots may give you 1 point, but if this event is going to be really common, you want to entice the f2p players to use their stamina potions by making things easier to get. And even if Oasis does do one of the things I suggest, people will still spend on your game and potentially even love this event.

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You could give Oasis a feedback worth 1 billion dollar and they still won't listen to you. But yeah, the price in both ino event and time limited shop is over expansive with stamina potions but since they are giving p2w stuff in these event, particularly ino event, they don't exactly want f2p to get their hands on that. I think stamina potion is more like a rebate if you intend to recharge on these events.

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