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Fear debuff


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Fear attempts to mainly counter the main meta ninja right now (edo Minato, EGF Kakuzu, and Kushina). Fear doesn't really hard counter edo Minato, since his mystery reset is on chase, but if Sasuke is faster and uses his Y+1 standard his paralysis (can't be cleansed like fear) goes through immunity making him unable to chase. Kushina depends on scaling and her standard attack to heal (yes she can heal with mystery, but standard is every round heal). Kinda useless against her though since she has to attack to receive the debuff. Sasuke can maybe counter her with supports, but 1v1 I'm not too sure. Kinda same with Kakuzu, but Kakuzu scales with chakra and his mystery. Is fear going to be the new meta? No way to tell yet, but I do think Sasuke will put up a good fight against the the big three. His damage output should be pretty good though.

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