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[ Fanfiction ] The Beginning of the War.


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*The 5 Saint Ninjas arrived to the Sanctuary. It was amazing the view of that place. 12 Houses protecting the house of the Patriarch. In each house, there's a Gold Saint that protects it. Once they arrived, they saw a mysterious hooded man.*

???: Hmpf. All of you, are here just because you want to see the Patriarch Ares?

Midnight: Ares...?

???: Yes, Ares. The last Patriarch Shion, died by natural causes. And before his death, he named Ares as his succesor.

Midnight: That's nonsense.

???: ... Hmmm... I can feel it... your energy is similar that the energy of Shion...

Breeze: Look, we're here, cuz our friend recieved a letter, saying that Shion wanted to show him something in his house.

???: ... I see... too bad that none of you WILL PASS HERE!

*The hooded man started to focus a lot of his energy, and shoot a lot of energy arrows from his hand. The 5 Saint Ninjas avoided them*

???: What?!

Crimson: Too bad for you, buddy. Earth Style: Sphere of Graves!

*Crimson broke the floor and threw him the earth ball. The hooded person died at the instant*

Azure: Done.

Breeze: AAAAAAAAAH...!

*Everyone saw Breeze, and she had an arrow in her chest. Breeze felt to the floor.*

Everyone: Breeze!!

*Azure started to cure her, but the arrow didn't dissapeared. That one pierced Breeze's heart.*

Azure: Her heart it's still alive, but the arrow is consuming her chakra...

???: I'll take care of her, don't worry.

Scarlet: Huh?


Midnight: Mu!

Mu: Hello, Midnight. It's been a while since I saw you the last time.

Scarlet: Master Mu!

Mu: You too, Scarlet. You 2 have grow up.

Azure: Wait a minute, you 2 know him?

Midnight: Yes, he's Mu, the Gold Saint of Aries. He was one of the students of the Patriarch Shion.

Scarlet: He was one of my masters... Mu taught me a lot of tricks...

Mu: I see you're having a little trouble... why all of you are here?

Midnight: You'll see, I've recieved a note from Shion, telling me that I have come to here, because he wanted to show me something... when I had 17 years...

Mu: I see... and you finally have 17 years.

*Midnight nods*

Mu: ... (It's the time... for him...)

Azure: We don't have time. Our friend, Breeze, has been pierced by one arrow! We need to save her!

*Mu approached and he saw the arrow carefully*

Mu: Yeah, I got it...

Crimson: Huh?

Mu: This arrow is consuming her energy... you have 12 hours to arrive to the house of the Patriarch and find what all of you are looking for.

Midnight: 12 hours?

Mu: Yes... look...

*The Gold Saint of Aries pointed a giant clock that works with fire. When one of his flames dies, it had passed one hour*


Scarlet: That means, if all the flames dissapear... Breeze will...?

Mu: Yes, she will die.

Midnight: ...

Mu: I don't have any intention to fight against the 4 of you. Come on! You have to pass between the 12 houses of the Sanctuary. I'll take care of your friend.

Scarlet: Thanks, master Mu...

Midnight: Come on, you guys!

The 3 Saint Ninjas: Yes!

*The 4 Saint Ninjas passed the Aries's house, and Mu saw carefully Breeze*

Mu: ... Now I get it... You're Shaka's familiar... you have a energy similar like the one he have. But... there's something weird in you... something... "divine"...

Breeze: ...

Mu: ... !!! Now I get it...! Y-You're...!

*The 4 Saint Ninjas arrived to the House of Taurus. When they arrived, they saw a giant man, with 2 horns like a bull, and with a Gold Cloth*


Midnight: You're the Gold Saint of Taurus...

???: That's right... My name is Taurus Aldebaran! And don't think that you will pass my home easily!

Crimson: Y-You...

Aldebaran: Oh... now I get it... you're with your old buddies... it seems you won't change a bit... Crimson.

Crimson: I'll beat you... Dad!

Scarlet: What...? He's Crimson's father? A Gold Saint?

Crimson: ... You guys... go ahead... I'll take care of him.

Azure: Huh?

Aldebaran: Yeah, guys. I'll try to give to my son a lesson that he won't forget never again.

Midnight: ... Take care of yourself, Crimson...

Crimson: Good luck, Midnight... now GO!

*The 3 Saint Ninjas nodded and they passed through the house of Taurus*

Crimson: ...

Aldebaran: Who would think that my own son will rise against me... his own father... and old master?

Crimson: I'll show you... that I'm not anymore a weakling!

*While they were arguing... the 3 Saint Ninjas arrived to Gemini's House...*

The End.

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