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[ Help ] European Clusters


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So, I've been trying to understand something the last few days.

People on my server noticed that the last Cluster on Europe used to be from server 994 to server 1372. That means that from server 1376 foward, would be a new cluster (that was noticed looking at the Space Time and Cross GNW Rankings, also from the Sages being or not being cross server).

But a few days ago, the servers 1376, 1380, 1384, 1388, 1392, 1396, 1400 and 1404 were included on that said cluster.

I just wanna say that it just doesn't make any sense. Server 1404, for example, has only 75 days since it's creation (2 months and a half), meanwhile, server 994 has something close to 720 days since it's creation, which is 2 years!!!

Makes no sense that someone starting 2 months ago has to play against people that have been playing for the last 2 years on events like Space Time and Sages/Matsuri. It's totally impossible. It just makes the "level freezing" strategy the "only way" to survive, and I thought Oasis didn't encourage that practice.

I'd like some light on the matter, and maybe (I know it's a lot to ask), a better cluster separation? Since you guys don't care about making the events balanced by power, at least try to make it just a bit less unfair and impossible to play pvp events.

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They lack a proper MM, and they did not adjust it since day 1, if you ask me it is to make whales happy, since if you add more and more servers, you get more and more lowbies, that a whale can beat asap... so less stress for them.

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Can someone share some info about this please?

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Yeh won't happen lol, just bring lube to pvp events. Previous cluster has some whales and it's dying, you are are just going there to keep them entertained.

I remember when oasis swaped server 60-63 with Achroma from 38 to 140 cluster for servers 140-150 and there was a lot of people unhappy about it but in true oasis fashion they just deleted all posts and never did anything. Server 60 then ofc dominated third european cluster vs server 200s.

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i'm from s1380 and i'm getting people in sage from some uk s1000-1099 servers and etc.

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