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[Simple Idea] F2P Oriented Servers?


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I've been thinking recently, this game sorta always have been mostly P2W, Yeah sure you could always save up coupons as F2P and test your luck out on some events etc, but still generally F2P players stand no chance especially on high levels, so I don't know if i'm being unoriginal here, but i've came to such idea, what if devs make servers that shall be F2P oriented? that would surely attract many players, since me included is one of many many players that left the game, because It was nearly impossible to compete with P2W players, no matter how much time i've been spending in game. I mean yes, surely they need a revenue and that's why P2W system exists, but couple of F2P oriented servers where donations are withdrawn would bring tons of players back and I think it's more than worth for Devs, well that's my subjective position, pardon if i'm being naive or something, but I just wanted to express my opinion.

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I think is not a bad idea, but knowing f2p server's will cater quite differently to p2p servers or to p2w servers..

before you join a league, you might really want to carefully think

what offers the best opportunities to test out your skills and challenges.

why do you game. since naru online can be a vast many-tier-world player base.

now seeing as it is, that might end up being cn = founding servers / alpha testing, en = follower up servers

and the complains.. that we get content differently is good or is bad ? ..

one might think twice about how best to proceed. not coz the idea is bad, just we don't want to mess it up.

the other option is to make p2p players in the world of p2w as npcs, while f2p players in the world of p2p as npcs.

if only there is a way to port data in such a manner where p2p exist in their own world,

and yet their data is npcs in another, we can create 3 world connected yet disconnected all fun n populated. XD

sorry i'm a bit of an idealist and dreamer, so i like exploring crazy ideas, but why not XD

if i said something impossible or *, simply ignore thanks, i still need to voice out though because IT's FUN XD.

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I've seen this idea before, but as much of a pipe dream as it would be, I wouldnt want to join that server. Not just starting over, but leveling the playing field is just not that interesting. Sure, it rewards having a better strategy and knowing where to spend and what not but I'd probably hate the game even more. What if you're saving for a long time then you find a good week to spend, so you do. Then the next week is even better but now you don't have anything to spend (or a new feature or ninja gets released and they define the new meta). Now you're completely screwed.

Thats one of the benefits of having high spenders, they get to test out what ninjas are the ones to go for and which ones F2P people can ignore.

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While it would be possible, they would make no money off of a server like that, so unless they have a cash shop where you can pay to unlock cosmetics or something, they won't make money to keep the server alive if all the "F2P" decide they don't want to play on any other server.

Only way something like that would make sense for the company is if they could charge a subscription fee for keeping that kind of server going. Say like $5 a month or something. Which isn't "free" but it could remove all aspects of paying for power or ninja to make it more balanced.

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It's been suggested, it won't happen otherwise every player would go to those kinds of servers and the whales have no one to play against. Also Oasis ends up losing money.

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It just suddenly came to my mind, so I never thought much about details. But even considering cons for Oasis, one such server for a test is much more than worth for them if you ask me. I just don't have enough game knowledge to expand on this topic, but I'm sure they can be found some kind of "Golden Middle" variant, to pull that idea off, that would attract so many players that no merge would be needed for a long time.

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This game is super P2W ! no1 cares about f2p....

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if it doesnt give them money they wont do it

thats how OASIS works

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its how it works. if oasis dont do it. they lose hell lots of money

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as a 3rd world player i love the idea of a f2p server.... but everything in life is about money so....

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the big thing is that I don't want to lose my f2p account I've got 3+ years invested in.

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As much as people rag on oasis at the end of the day they are a company and they need to make money to pay their employees and manage upkeep for the servers. while don't me wrong I love this idea much like the others I feel it will not be done due to the lack of monetary gain oasis would get from it. plus personally I find the whales make the game more fun as when you beat them not only is it you outsmarted someone you outsmarted someone vastly stronger then you. I am a whale myself and I am not ashamed to admit there has been a few free to plays who have humbled me in my time playing this game.

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They can't even change match making from levels to power in 4 years, i don't think this is possible for oasis, and they wouldn't want to.

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  • Dym On 2020-02-21 02:07:08
  • They can't even change match making from levels to power in 4 years, i don't think this is possible for oasis, and they wouldn't want to.

bruh they match based on level ???????????????????????????? ://////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// thats so * what a fat L

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  • 102593 On 2020-03-12 09:08:38
  • bruh they match based on level ???????????????????????????? ://////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// thats so * what a fat L

Yup, I mean i doubt they want to the resources changing coding and match making when they can release the next big thing..


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Thank you for the suggestion.

At the moment we do not have any plans to implement such server. However, your idea was shared with rest of the development team.

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