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[Simple Idea] F2P Oriented Servers?


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I think is not a bad idea, but knowing f2p server's will cater quite differently to p2p servers or to p2w servers..

before you join a league, you might really want to carefully think

what offers the best opportunities to test out your skills and challenges.

why do you game. since naru online can be a vast many-tier-world player base.

now seeing as it is, that might end up being cn = founding servers / alpha testing, en = follower up servers

and the complains.. that we get content differently is good or is bad ? ..

one might think twice about how best to proceed. not coz the idea is bad, just we don't want to mess it up.

the other option is to make p2p players in the world of p2w as npcs, while f2p players in the world of p2p as npcs.

if only there is a way to port data in such a manner where p2p exist in their own world,

and yet their data is npcs in another, we can create 3 world connected yet disconnected all fun n populated. XD

sorry i'm a bit of an idealist and dreamer, so i like exploring crazy ideas, but why not XD

if i said something impossible or *, simply ignore thanks, i still need to voice out though because IT's FUN XD.

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