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[ Events ] SOSP Naruto deserves a BT?


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What an interesting read, hope no one who's suicidal reads this thread tho
I'll join in though coz I'm bored af at work so why not...
OFC SOSP Naruto need BT at 3* ofc...and ST unlocked at 2*.

His mystery must cause unmissable damage ( increased by 60%), interruption and suppresses super armor, if opponent unit is Akatsuki also causes immobile. Causes knockdown to the selected target and earns Naruto explosive mode for one round.

His standard cannot be dodged, hits up to 7 units of the opponents line up, clears buffs, shields, causes 6 combo, high chance of causing knockdown and heals himself by 10% of the damage caused.

The chase is on knockdown causing repulse, cancelling buffs, shields, suppressing immunity to debuffs while causing ignition and immobile.

Passive 1 gives Naruto a certain chance of evading the first mystery skill each round. Has a high chance of evading standard attacks and chase skills, this can be triggered twice each round.

Passive 2 still gives Naruto immunity to all debuffs. During explosive mode Naruto's combo rate is increased by 65%, Critical Hit by 25%, and heals himself for 40% of all damage caused. If killed during explosive mode, Naruto immediately revives with 35% health and gives one random non Akatsuki unit of your team immunity to debuffs for one round and this unit can not be killed during the current round.

I wonder if this would be ok with those that claim he needs breaks

PS: All the above skills are +1 Blue!

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