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[ Events ] SOSP Naruto deserves a BT?


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well... this one is tricky...
In a certain way, he deserves it... but honestly (unlike say Rinne Sasuke) he was meta ninja and is still pretty solid, especially in 3v3 situations...
Huge problem I see in SBs for Naruto is balancing...

He has pretty much everyround mystery... cant improve that.

His mystery causes interruption... only option is making it unmissable or give it +% dmg (honestly, making is unmissable is too much so only +% dmg is an option)
Giving it "increases cooldown" is out of question... eventually it could cause ignition... or it could suppress super armor to selected unit.

Standards: high chance to lower cooldown... you cant SB that... giving it some status would be too broken... only thing is increasing number of targets to 4 (same as Kakuzu)

Chase: causes immobile, cancels shields and buffs... maybe SB version could suppress immunity to debuffs (but combination of suppression of super armor from mystery and suppression of immunity to debuffs is pretty extreme)

Passive: only SB thing could be copy of Minato´s sb dodge...

Explosion Mode: either make it similar to Rinne Sasuke´s (consume chakra to stack up), or make it to stack initiative every time or increase healing (which would result in 1 to 100% HP mysteries) ...

Honestly, he is still too good for SBs... nothing would be really worthy for spending, since other ninjas do that job already...

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