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[ Bugs ] Ninja exam delay + can't sweep


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In the last time I noticed that when you sweep ninja exam , when it tells you that is finished sweeping in fact he isn't. It has a delay and if you click to confirm the complete it stops and it's possible to can't finish sweeping. For example today it happend to me :


I can't finish sweeping and now I need to wait till tomorrow to finish sweeping cuz I don't want to change mains for this exam.... again.... (This exam can be done with just lightning main with my current ninjas... and for 288 and higher I need water main and my main team uses earth main so.... idk what to do...).

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I've accidentally (and on purpose) ended my sweep early multiple times, and I've always been able to finish sweeping. You can sweep as many times as you want. It's resetting your ninja exam progress that is a once-a-day thing.

Edit: Just click the Sweep *on.

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