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Hi all,

Everyone can agree with me that the game is getting boring now and Oasis is not doing anything to improve the gameplay or at least get in touch with players. Even removed the feedbacks after every week's event cycle(Not that they were using that information somehow. The thing was filled with mistakes) However, I believe that at least the forum will be the better way for us to provide Oasis with what would make us feel listened and happy.

First of all I will start with the Mysterious shop in Groceries. That shop is the most useless of them all and the only thing imo that can help you somehow, is the Mood scroll(until you max out your mood). Although, I wrote that numerous times in the feedbacks, Oasis never did anything about that. It is like the German version were reading those feedbacks, as they already have improved that. I think that all the armors that can be bought in the shop should be here

Без име

The second thing that needs an update is the puzzles in the weekend missions. Yes, I know that we get that once in awhile, but still, I don't do the first and easiest one, as there is nothing there. However, once again German version has these as prizes:


They even have events that we never had. It is something like Mt. Myoboku, but you are getting points when hitting it right and there is shop, in which you can trade those points for smth


I will just mention the other things that are missing from the game and would make us happy, because there are many players who had already commented regarding: Tsunade NPC, More skillbreaks and trials, Auto fishing, Improve of the 7 days of Welfare event, More plot instances(idk if it is a glitch or what, but when you click power up *on there is the Character advancement, that is 90/100, which would mean that there are some missing instances, because the only way to get battle points are by clearing instances)

I am sorry for the long post. Please, if I missed something add it up in the comments

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Bro i agree with you but don't bother to do this things it's not like they actually care trust me, they dont even read it

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted

It was removed for "spreading misinformation" or "inciting drama", that much I can guarantee.

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should boycott but spenders don't care to

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it is way too much oriented as Pvp after mid-game onwards. For F2P players would be nice to have some team missions, like hard ones and also some plot involved.

Now we have the TI which is really repetitive thing so most players just think of a team that can go on auto there.

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in the Brazilian server there are more events, here they always give us the same soup uu .. then since the user has also dropped there, they open servers after more time, here instead the moderators do not report it and open one every 5 days. .. and then it is normal that everyone is asking for merge '... which they have not done since December 24 .... I feel ignored ... I still await answers from non-existent moderators ...
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