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How powerful is Edo Nagato’s reflect?


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So Edo Nagato’s 2nd passive has the option to be a reflect mirror that reflects all debuffs that target Edo Nagato. Can this “mirror” be broken or is it a 100% immunity safe? I’ve heard Edo Itachis mystery goes through the mirror and can’t be reflected is this true, and if so, are there any other? Also would Kushina’s mystery suppress the mirror?

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the reflect works for 11 times per round. If that round Nagato suffers from Debuffs 11 times, he will then suffer from debuffs until next round comes.

same to other infinite reflect ninjas like Itachi, Ningendo, Kakashi... 11 times per round.

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There is no way you can suppress mirror, so is 100% it will reflect. Edo itachi have also mirror reflect, so when targeting edo Nagato with him, couse that his sleep will be reflected to your team and than again on random opponent unit( if hits again edo Nagato status will be again transfared on your team)

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You cannot supress anything that will constantly reflect debuffs. Only way to deal with it, is to take down Edo Nagato.

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