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[ Lineup ] Help for lightning main lineup


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Just to offer some alternatives

- A (3rd Raikage)

- Main (mystery: acupuncture; basicchase: lf to rp; passive 1: lightning; passive 2: clone; summon: tiger)

- Danzo / Samui

- Danzo / Samui

Mystery: Acupuncture

Basic: high float

Chase: low float to repulse

Passive 1: lightning

Passive 2: clone

Summon: tiger

If using danzo's Y mystery, then put him at position 3. Otherwise put at position 4. Don't skill trial his barrier though since there is no wind ninja. Don't skill trial his chakra absorb also let him boost A.

If you don't want danzo, shisui can do it too. If you are using shisui, then maybe change your main's passive 2 to immunity

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