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Kushina Breakthrough


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Guys, is it normal to have spent over 500 protection vials and stil not fully breakthrough Kushina ? It's already getting ridiculous for me.. is it "bad luck" ??

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It is normal. Using Vials to obtain Breakthroughs and Trials is based on chances or the so-called RNG. The more you lock the fewer chances of getting gold skills also. You're not the only one who experienced or experiencing this kind of luck, even me had this problem with my Kushina and just yesterday, with my Minato [Edo Tensei]. If you're trying to get your last skill then you might opt to take frags way than trying your luck and spending way much than the frags way. Good luck though, thank you.

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no good story from skill trial do you want to burn more dollar on this RNG?

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yeah bad luck, i got all except for chase with 200 or so

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I got everything in 160 it depends on luck

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