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[ Fanfiction ] Special: Bad Personality (Part 1)


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*Saori was in the forest of Konoha, at 02 am. She had a horrible headache that doesn't let her sleep. However, nobody knew this, neither Kazuya, Midnight, or Breeze*

Saori: D-Dang it... I-I can't h-hold it... m-much longer...

???: Why don't you just release me, Saori? Come on... let me possess you...

Saori: H-Huh...?

???: You've already forgot me, isn't it?

Saori: N-No... y-you're...

???: I'm yourself... I'm that voice in your head... I'm that personality that will consume you someday...

Saori: NO-! I-I W-WON'T LET YOU-! *coughs*

*1 day later*

Saori: *sleeping in her bed*

Kazuya: ... *drinking coffee*

Azure: Open your mouth, Lil' Raiden!

Raiden opens his mouth-

Azure: Yaaaaaaay! *feeds him* Good boy! <3

Midnight: How it's Saori?

Breeze: *drinking coffee* She's sleeping.

Midnight: I didn't saw her yesterday.

Breeze: Yeah... She maybe went to relax in some place... with... a friend of her... *coughs and looks M*

M: Don't look at me... I didn't stayed with her yesterday.

*Suddenly, Saori appeared in the living room*

Midnight: Good morning, dear.

Saori: Hi dad... ugh... *holds her head with her hand*

Kazu: Are you okay, sis?

Saori: I need one aspirin... my head is killing me...

*Breeze gived one aspirin to her, and Saori swallowed it with water*

Saori: Thanks, mom...

Breeze: You should sit...

Raiden: Auntieeeee! *wants to go to Saori*

*Azure gived Saori, her nephew*

Saori: Hi, my love... *weak smile*

*Raiden started to play with his auntie's face*

Saori: D-Don't do that, dear... Auntie Saori have a headache...

Kazu: More carefully, son... Auntie needs to recover herself...

*Raiden smiled and he hugged his auntie. She hugged him in response*

*Midnight stared carefully her chakra levels. Saori's chakra it was a bit... "corrupted"*

Breeze: What's wrong, dear?

Midnight: ... I have a bad feeling... *smoke*

Breeze: "Bad feeling"?

Midnight: Saori... I'll talk with you later...

Saori: Okay, daddy...

*16 PM*

Midnight: *waiting his daughter in the training grounds*

Saori: I'm here, dad...

Midnght: Where have you been?

Saori: I've taked my medicine... don't shout at me...

Midnight: My bad... sorry. Btw...

Saori: Hmm?

Midnight: Why your chakra it's a bit weird?

Saori: I-I don't know what are you talking... A-ABOUT...! *holded her head with her hands*

Midnight: Huh?

Saori: *hard breathing and with a strong headache*

Midnight: What it's going on?

Saori: Nothing... nothing... *pant* I'm... f-fine... *pant*

Midnight: Okay... *wants to go home*

*Saori felt in her knees, and then... a weird purple chakra covered her*

Midnight: What the...?

Saori *with her voice more serious*: WAIT!!

Midnight: ...

*Saori's hair turned into a bloody red, and her eyes turned into a dark violet color*

Midnight: What the f*ck...?!

Corrupted Saori: M-Mwehehehehe... now I'm free... DIE, VERGIL!!!

*Saori shooted a powerful lightning blast that sent Midnight far away. He avoided it and saw the darker form of his daughter*

The end.

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