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[ PVP ] What happens when noone shows up for Zenith finals?


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So I finally made it to Zenith finals but now I'm sitting here in the queue for over an hour and noone is showing up. What will happen if noone shows up until the end todays zenith at 21:00 server time?

EDIT: Still noone in here, refreshed multiple times as well

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wow zenith, yall must have a lot of time to do that. poor me can't afford.

i'm assuming not many even got to finals so probably the wait is supposing longer.

but -shrugs- you could get rewarded greatly for the patience put in i suppose.

congrats on your free 8th win by the way.

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I actually got a free win on my 8th fight after being 20 minutes in queue (not sure if that was a bug or intended though) but in finals I stood from 18:00 until 19:25 (Training Grounds) in queue and nothing happened. I stood for another 10 minutes or so in queue until nine tails and then I was in queue until 21:00 server time where Zenith ended (still had time for Matsuri and Rescue afterwards thankfully).

I would also like to know if there is such a thing as a time limit in the queue (and if it changes for the finals) because it doesn't say anything about that in the rules.

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If no one shows up you will get a free win. Im not sure how long you have to wait.

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Zenith is over now. I guess I need to get lucky to actually find someone to battle against in finals if I want to even have a chance of getting that 9th win

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