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Support Convoy Effect On Enemy HP


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when you run convoy and get plundered,

the first team lose and reduce 50% HP enemy,

but when the second team start battle, enemy HP back to 100%

so, if the strongest in server plundering you, there is no hope

i want enemy HP not back to 100% when the second team start battle

$$$$(i know the answer is unlimited ingots)$$$$

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but your hp is back to 100% when you are plundering .

so its like one advantage and one disadvantage .

so why complain?

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Unlimited ingots? Hmm, that's a new one.

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Used to be way way worse than is now.

That said whatever you suggested was suggested for months when i began to play over 3 years ago but was never modified to become fairer, just less hurting for the convoyer in comparison with how it used to be.

The point is that feature is meant to give pleasure to whales that like to stomp on weaklings since currently there's close to no reason for a big whale to plunder in comparison with delivering 3 convoys, besides being mean.

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