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[ Help ] Removable stacking?


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I would like to ask about removing stacks. I´m not sure about this kind of ability. Is it considered buff and can be removed or not?

Example: Kushina getting stacks from hits received. She has Edo Madara in team. Does Madara removes all stacking in round 5 or not?

Thanks for answers,
best regards :)

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  • IzzyTheGamerKin On 2020-01-27 20:53:51
  • I dont think so though because when buffs are removed, its usually stuff like root of warrior or flower guard, so i dont think it should affect kushina or anyone who scales

Thanks for answering :)

because if the scaling can be removed, then even 6p or any other "remove shields and buffs on chase" ninja becomes a solid counter.
From my way of understanding, buffs we can remove are only those which lasts X rounds.

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  • YujinTakara On 2020-01-27 22:46:30
  • The only thing that reset scaling is death and then revived

thank you for confirming this :)

I knew about the death reset, this one was a mystery for me :D

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  • firestarter On 2020-01-28 01:50:54
  • I want to 2nd this being a good question. First, I've seen that once immunity is removed, scaling ninjas can catch certain debuff effects like every else.

    For example, using fireman immobile + imprison on kushina opens her up to dream status, where she can sleep for two rounds. C*so happen to 6pths. What I haven't been able to confirm is if she c*so be enfeebled in this imprisoned/immobile/nonimmunity state.

yep, learn about that dream status combo the hard way :D

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  • Toho123 On 2020-01-28 02:18:42
  • The new enfeeble state from *y jutsu naruto also temporarily remove the stacks

that is also new to me...
So enfeeble from BT Edo Minato works the same way... thanks for info :)

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  • Akuma Bloodline On 2020-01-29 05:15:51
  • Last I recall all scaling abilities and de-scaling abilities (such as like gamariki or bee when you hit him and lose 12% def/res) cannot be removed into you die and get revived
    Example edo madara can only remove buffs like iruka,bee,non sb hashirama and he'll remove all barriers no matter what

    but scaling from kushina,minato ,shisui sus all stay around into death
    but now on the topic of enfeeble/weaken that debuff cant go threw immunity but if it does, what it does is it lowers the enemy attack and ninjutsu by 80% and removes attack and nin scaling for that round so let say ....a ronin naruto scaled 60% attack...once he get infeeble he'll get his attack and nin lowered by 80% and...that 60% scaling he did will disappear as long as he has infeeble on him.

So if I understand it correctly...
Lets say Ronin Naruto is scaled at +60%. He gets enfeebled, loses the +60% scale and loses 80% attack / ninjutsu?
If he gets cleansed, does the entire 60% scaling reapply? or he starts scaling from 0?

simple scenario:
Ronin Naruto with Fire main team in 3v3s.
Ronin Naruto starts jumping around and stacking as hell.
He hits Minato and gets enfeebled. Loses scaling and base stats.
Before another hit, fire main uses mystery to clean Naruto.
Does entire scaling reapply and he hits like a train? Or he hits like it was 1st hit that match?

Either this makes enfeeble absolute overpowered counter to scaling ninjas, or its a decent way to stop blitz teams.

thanks for info :)

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