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[ Strategy Share ] Need help with SA Water Main Normal Mode.


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Does any one have a strategy for beating Strong Approaching with a water main on normal mode. I can not beat Karin she always heals before i can do enough damage.

My ninjas are
Sai Neji and 3star Sasuke and my summon is the deer.
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She can heal twice.
1. Just Heal (cant interrupted)
2. Heal + poison (this can be interrupted and she cancels heal too)

U must do combo after She heal n use interupt for next round.
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If you can beat Shizune, you can definitely beat Karin.
Karin basically heal twice every rounds, the first one at the start of the round and the second one after your position one ninja's standard attack.

Basically just combo her first round and interrupt her at the start of the second round to prevent the heal.
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The easiest way to beat both Shizune and Karin is interrupt + Sai standard with liones (1st comboo) + next turn Mystery combo (anything long enough to finish)
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