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  • Mr.Jashin On 2020-01-18 19:17:24
  • i uploaded second photo to show that i only spun 100 times

    hence proved that the chances are not so less as you all claim

    note:i am highly active player

Just because you won the jackpot ninja doesn't mean the odds aren't low. Odds are still pretty low and more than likely much lower than 1%. Probably like 0.25%-0.5% odds of getting the jackpot ninja. I seen a good example with the odds of hitting the jackpot on slots. There are 3 images per reel and 6 images per reel. That doesn't sound like too many, but when you do the math to hit the jackpot it's 1/6 x 1/6 x 1/6 = 0/00462962962 then times that by 100 (to get percent) and it equals 0.46% chance to hit the jackpot. Yes it's possible to get the jackpot, but the odds are still low. Congrats on getting Deidara though.

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