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[ Bugs ] Treasured Tool Bug


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Using Mini-client

Server 1073

I logged in this afternoon to notice that my power had decreased and I was looking through my treasured tools screen to see that my S Golden Rope has bugged and is showing and giving stats as an A Leaf Fan. When I go to change it, the rope doesn't exist as something to switch it to. It only appears in my inventory if I unequip the Leaf Fan.

Equip Page

When I equip this, it shows up as the lvl 1 Leaf Fan here, and the rope no longer appears in my inventory.

Equip Bug 1

Equip Bug 2

I then went to look at recycling it and it doesn't show any of my essences being refunded.

Recycle Page

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello, please clear your cache and see if that helps you out, if not, then please create a CS ticket and describe your situation to them.

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