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[ Strategy Share ] How to counter kakuzu with ninja barier?


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if kakuzu bring ninja barier like kisame or itachi akatsuki bt

how to counter him?

i think we need surprise from naruto 6p bt

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It depends on what you have, how u build your team., ur stats vs enemies.

- Nin Immunity ninjas ie Obito, Released Madara, BT Nagato.

- Debuffs dps.

- Edo itachi

- Def/Res Kushina with early shield.

- BT Kakashi BS

- BT Edo Hashi

- Water main shark bomb < Cheapest one you can do, if you're 100% faster.

- Res Scroll Boost

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I literally just encountered someone with Kakuzu Earth grudge and Itachi akatsuki bt, it is soo annoying

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as someone who runs that team there are 2 easy ways I lose.

1) Be from older server and often have initiative advantage. Then you can make a Kushina or minato team that can kill them.

2) Be 100k+ power stonger than them. Then your team really doesn't matter as long as it is a decent team (not team of cats).

Also, I haven't run into this team yet, but I suspect that a sasuke rinne BT team might cause trouble for that team. Provided you aren't at a control disadvantage.

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