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[ Game Pict. ] For Fun Only ^_^ Here Goes !!


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So I used to create a thread in Group section Forum posting interesting Group pictures.

But since I'm no Longer the Leader of S850-NinshuCreed and I realized...

Back then, I wasn't able to truly encompass my pictures around all of my members,

I decided that I shall post in this Hina Fanfiction section just regards my personal..

Gaming screenshots, just for the hell fun of IT, I will update it regularly, or will try to at least !~


So I noticed a change in the environment, those green plants looks kool. LIKE!

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that nice :3

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Some say the journey of a lifetime begin with A first step.


And so here we are! The Temple of FIRE

As my Ancestors would say, FIRE represents our passion for LIFE ~

IT is Holy for it is Sacred. And it guides our path forward in times of Darkness.


Fuel with youthful energy I was then a young apprentice

Eagerly I watch the path before Me. "Yes, I'm here and ready!"

And decided to race up the long flights of stairs.

But boy, before I could reach the top, I bump into a stranger before me.

He turned around calmly and stare down upon me with an irritated looked.

"What's a brat messing around here in the middle of day?"

I merely smiled back and said, "I'm training my legs!"

"Oh~ ? Your skinny bony legs need some kicking ?"

I laughed, "I'm Tom, Who might you be good Sir?"

He sneered: "I'm a nobody, but you can call me Ro for short."

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I can see you are having fun on my account Tom! That's cool since I've been too busy to play myself. Keep Up.

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I have you covered Ro, -innocent- or at least I'm trying.

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Well it's CNY break and I spot some Lanterns for the Matsuri.

And I thought to myself, those were useful when it got dark at Night.

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