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[ News ] HK Servers GL Recruitment (Updated Sept 2022)


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Hello Ninjas!

We are currently looking for interested players to help us in gathering feedbacks and responses from their respective servers.

Players will be acting as our Game Liaisons (GL) which will work closely with the community and reports to HK GL Manager.

A brief description of the roles, responsibilities and rewards :

1. Server representative to report and update/highlight on server condition.

2. Gather feedbacks and responses from the server community in regards to the recent patches / in-game events.

3. Immediate report of any bug / exploits / issues to the Manager.

4. Receive some in-game bonus based on the quality of your work.

If you are responsible, ethical, professional and willing to undertake the responsibilities as a Game Liaisons please apply by filling this form.

Please note - As of May 2021, QQ is no longer an essential requirement of the application process. Discord will be our primary mode of communication.

Selected applications will be personally contacted by HK GL Manager through Discord. Kindly note, We will NEVER ask for any sensitive information related to your account which includes login ID, Password, Credit Card details. Kindly halt any communication and report to the customer service section if you encounter the aforementioned situation.

You can check GL Recruit Board here

3 GL slots are currently open for Sept, please submit your applications by then for review if your server does not already have a GL. Failed applicants will be notified through email, while successful applicants will be contacted via Discord for a follow up.

Most common reasons applications fail are as follows:

a) Quality of the response

b) Your server has more representation vs other candidates servers (priority will be getting GLs for unrepresented servers/clusters)

Thank you for all the responses. Feel free to PM me on this forum, or via the official Discord if you have any questions.

Thanks and Regards,

HK GL Manager.

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