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what was the server?


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so i played in a server called "Wind Enhancement Jutsu" for a while but haven't played on it in a long time. does anybody know the server ID for it because i forgot :/ thank you

i'm pretty sure it was in the 800's but not entirely sure and i think it was a NY server but again idk

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Ctrl F, type in Wind Enchancement, then you'll find it.

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Hi! From what I can see. There is a server under the name "Wind Enhancement", it is Server ID 1012.

Note: You can actually check the most recent servers you've played on before here.

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I tried to look it up for you and from what I've seen, there's a couple of servers in NY with the word "Wind Enhancement". First is S708 Wind Style Enhancement and the second one is S1012 Wind Enhancement. Hope you find your server, thank you.

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