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[ Help ] 2020 adobe flash problem


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From my information from this year adobe flash won't exist anymore so I'd like to know what plans does Oasis have to deal with this problem. It will remake the game in html or unity? Will we be able to keep our accounts we invested time to rise? What will happen? Will there be a new launcher for the game? New mechanics?

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it will exist, it just wont be updated. imagine flash as a windows xp, it exists, you can download it, you ca*n us*e it, it just isnt updated anymore.

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  • Kyouma Hououin On 2020-01-05 23:06:48
  • it will exist, it just wont be updated. imagine flash as a windows xp, it exists, you can download it, you ca*n us*e it, it just isnt updated anymore.

oh... cool

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"Google Chrome discontinued the use of Adobe Flash in update 53 of their browser. While the software can still be enabled through Chrome settings, Google has confirmed that effective the date of end of life for Flash, Google will completely block Flash from being able to run under the Chrome browser.

Mozilla discontinued support by default for Adobe Flash in the middle of 2016, citing the excessive security vulnerabilities that Flash was continuing to patch for. At the end of 2020, Mozilla will also block Flash.

And finally, Internet Explorer will also discontinue and block Adobe Flash at the end of life date. With all three of the major browsers ending support and blocking Flash from running at all."

Towards the end of 2020 major browsers will block the use of Adobe Flash because of security risks. There is pretty much 2-3 options we will see. The game gets switched to HTML5, they find a way to make it playable only on the miniclient, or the game will shut down. Is there some loop hole that will allow browsers to run flash after 2020? Maybe there will be a work around, but once the browser block the use of Flash you will not be able to load any type of Flash content. We still have till December of 2020 before Flash is completely blocked and removed.

By now we should've had an official statement from the devs with maybe a roadmap of what's going to happen, but all we have heard is that "it is being handled". I don't like how hush hu* is and I understand why people would believe the game is closing down.

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Maybe they will make a browser that can continue to run flash despite the security risks :).

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Let's be real, Flash won't have support. The game will probably swap over to HTML5.

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mini client. I swear people just forget that exists.

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a mod mention this way back as someone mentions of flash in the forum before but he said they will make an announcement till they decide what time is right. But a lot been assuming its gonna shutdown either way till the devs decide what they gonna do.

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Regarding the Flash issue, our team is aware of the situation and rest assured that we will explain everything at the right time. Please be patient for now and thank you for your deep understandings.

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