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Ino (summer)'s passive question


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When it says "after three attacks increases res and def by 100% can be triggered once per round", does it mean one round increased res and def for just one unit and done? Or does it provide multiple ninja with 100% res and def? Was fighting Ino in arena and I could have sworn that I saw her buff used more than once a round. anyone know which it is?

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pear femail diedara with suit sasuke and yu win all fight no problim dat wat I du

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thanks for the response

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The last few nights I've been using Kushina (Skillbroken with the defense scaling passive) with Summer Ino.

Everytime Kushina gets hit, she gets more resistance, and it's just a much smaller scale version of Summer Ino's effect. If it was something like a Kushina which scales in defense, you may have been seeing both a scaling defensive buff and the Ino buff both at the same time.

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Whenever a unit in your team takes 3 attacks in one round, until the end of the round their def and res increase by 100%. It effects all units in your team. It's pretty awesome.

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