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[ Kurama ] "Don't Mess With Me !!" XD


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suit sasuke better whi naught drew him

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Nice sketch, sad to see only a spammer and a bot had anything to "say about it" before today

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well in the olden days, before facebook app was out,

forum roleplaying was a norm and as a hit thing to do.

things don't get so personal when in a roleplay, coz people do know how to handle it.

but technology reformed the way some people interact,

facebook and phone cameras popularize selfies and such.

it became a marketing gimmick every basic person knew they had to pick up or lose out.

there was a lot of global interaction because of that, to the breaking point where people

start cutting off contact to minimize unnecessary exposure.

but to this day some sayings are just classical. and "thanks" ^_^

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