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[ Symbol ] The Winds of Change


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Becon Fire

and so konoha thrives once again, it was lively and so did I survived,

i prepare myself for the coming matsuri, but before that I had missions.


my Friends were early, awaiting me at the bridge. We're dress in our norms

though it may seem odd to some, we felt totally at home with Ourselves XD

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My Mission was to pass on a secret message, to the Queen of the Land of Fire.

Thus IT was coded in absoluteness, that only the rightful Queen can decipher.

And so I met up with the agent and pass on the word.

"The Maid of All lands is coming, she shall be dawn in blue, be prepared to receive her

for she is upset and laden with burden" my mission completed, I met up with my friends

and away to the matsuri we party.

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Shortly after the matsuri, the Hokage called me into his office,

"Well done on the Last Job, but an emergency came up, your brothers have been dispatched"

"We have no able men left to run the next mission, so I had to call you in"

"As you know, the Fire Temple is a bastion of the Land of Fire's Lord"

"Everyday, the Warrior Monks ritually perform their rites and light candles in the main hall"

"There sited the Holy Treasure of Shinto religion"

"I have been summoned by the High Priest, but I cannot leave the Village during this time of Emergency"

"You must go, and carry with you that sealed scroll"

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I arrived @ the steps of the Fire Temple, and instantly memories flooded my mind,

as if a seal had been unlocked from within,

Without hesitation I climb the stairways to meet with ?

To my surprise I find my buddy the RoninNinja jeering down at me!

"Hi shorty, your legs still slower than mine ?"

I laughed, "Lets go, the High Priest must be waiting for us both~!"

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At the top of the flight of stairs we met the Senior Monk Chiriku,
who recognized us immediately > we who used to play at the temple as kids.
To him I handled over the sealed scroll, yet Chiriku did not open it,
Instead he frown and shake his head, "I was expecting only one. . ."

"A ceremony is being held to honour the Old Gods"
"I didn't expect the Hokage would sent representative/s instead"

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"This ain't a laughing matter you know. ." he continued
"But since you both are already here, go. .

"Follow my assistant to pick up the cloths"
"And cleanse yourself with the wellspring just beyond the 2nd courtyard"

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Although it was a sacred ceremony, the gathering of people were not small

In fact it seem rather rowdy, everyone properly dressed.

There were all kinds hanging about the grounds, some solemn and stern.

Some quiet and others chirpy, cheerful, and you'll see > it does take all types.

Ronin nudge at me with an elbow, pointing to a certain wayward direction..

Just as I was feeling a little out of place as an AnBu dress in ceremonial wear.

As if camouflaged yet I am not, am I dreaming or too used to my job ?

In the mist of the celebratory mood, it's almost too easy to lose sight. .

But I remember my sensei's words: IT is the job of those in the Dark.

And the Kunai is used to fight with, it is not an Illusion.

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"Wake up! Do not fall asleep." By the time I knew what happened.. I was captured.

Ronin you used Izanami didn't you.

I rubbed my eyes and they were still hurting from the strain

"You lost it" Ronin replied, "I had to go to the furthest extend to save you."

"Stand behind me, I'll guard the front"

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Ronin held on to his left eye, he seemed exhausted, but his focus remain on the enemy
meanwhile I had fallen down on my side reeling from the pain in the right.
"He disappeared again, that freak, he knows our tactic, let's fall back n regroup"
I got up as best I can, still trying to spot the snaky like creature.
He was fast, yet he wasn't able to lunge a direct atk on us.

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