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[ Bugs ] Itachi Uchiha [Kimono] mistery


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Itachi's mistery crashes the game, not always....just sometimes. And it may happen for the player that uses him, or the player that encounters him. I don't have evidence of that happening, yet, but i believe other players can confirm this.

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well. there have been about 700 threads but oasis is not working on the game anymore sorry.

If you wanna avoid it.... don't use the client. The same bs took place with Kakashi Susanoo and even back then, they had no idea or competency to fix it within a reasonable time frame.

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Yeah... A problem they have known about for a while now. Encountered this problem today in matsuri. Opponent used itachi kimono mystery and screen went completely blue and was forced to reload. Found it pointless to take a screenshot since I knew it wouldn't matter.

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yeah, unfortunately nothing new to add, this is a known issue, multiple threads, lots of us have asked in the bugs section and submitted "support" tickets, but they simply dont care, so it is what it is, sloppy, careless work

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Hello, this issue is still being addressed, but I will ask to see if they have an estimate for it to be fixed.

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