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Bond optional packs


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I've started to realize that were not getting that much bond optional packs in the recent events. Oasis if your reading this please add more bond optional packs in the events because these are very important for us players. Later on we'll start to get even more assist links and we won't be able to get enough materials to get them. Some player (like me) are also busy so we can't really do the timed events.Please add them for the next events or give some as a Christmas present to everyone.

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traiing grounds and the sun scroll shop do offer these bond scrolls, yea there are cooldowns and sun scroll limits but its there as an option

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I agree. The amount of bond packs in events is practically non-existent. And as op said not everyone has the time to do timed events to get enough sun scrolls.

You could also move or add bond scrolls to the moon shop.

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I think konoha carnival had bond scroll packs...not sure if current version has tho.

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