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[ Fanart ] December 22nd - Pencil and Papers for Santa


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Christmas Event - Pencil and Papers for Santa

Christmas is coming and bells are ringing. Santa is coming and wants a warm present from his children. For those who have vast imagination and creativity, here's your chance to show what you've got.

How To Participate?

Option A: Create an image (drawn, sketched or photoshop) that depicts Shinobi Christmas Celebration. It should include Naruto and any of his friends and family that prepares for their upcoming Christmas Party.

Option B: Create a short story about Naruto and his friends preparing for the Christmas party. The story should include some interesting twist in a way that is fully related to this holiday season.


Any art that is not originally made by you will be automatically disqualified and will be void from earning any reward.


Add your artwork here in the appropriate section.

Note: Please make sure to follow the submission details in the main event thread (click here) in order to qualify for the rewards.

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