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Vertical Line buffing. How does it work?


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Can anyone explain to me how the game does "vertical buffing"?

Is it from the way I look at the screen? Or from the point of the view of the character, who gives the buff?


In this example. If it it was from my point of view, Madara would buff Ibiki and Itachi.

But if Vertikal buffing would be from the point of the view of Madara (and his direction of vision) he would buff the fire main.

Which logic, does the game apply?

Considering that he also buffs other (opponents) ninjas in the same row....i would say the later?

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If for buffs for your own team, it will always be the vertical line to your screen ( in that case Ibiki and Edo Itachi).

In case of attack you will find a) attack a row then a line vertical to your screen b) attack a line that would be a horizontal line to your screen

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thank you :)

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The vertical buff would go to ibiki and itachi. I used hanzo edo tensei's vertical debuff clearing to test and that is what it supports.

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