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[ PVP ] Fun? Ironic? Arena Training? Really?


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I just came back n played lately. There are so many changes here n of course it happened but thats not what i want to say. Many players beg to me to budge. What? I just came back n they begged to me. Thats weird, really weird because i dont even have any good ninjas. but eventually i understood because many players carrying good ninjas in training. Oh maybe they are only for events. but hey, its not as it seems, i think they are happy and proud they can beat someone with a far different ninja. Which is ironic they will talk rudely to me because they are still losing. If u are really happy with ninjas that u have, use them at events like Space time, Matsuri etc. The fact that this place is only for arrogance but thats not all, only most of them are like that. The funny thing i think is that they cant do much at other events so they get revenge by beating someone in training. This place is to help someone, if u want to compete, not here. Is that true? what do you think?

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I only thought about ingots

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The OP used a lot of words that said literally nothing.

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Im lazy lately,so i just use sosp,Ino summer,fire main and x-mas Karin.Just get 1-2 fast wins,and exit.And,yea,if someone ask me for win,I usually retreat.

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