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[ Bugs ] 3weeks later no solving...


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After warn you about the bug that's going on with Shisui Kimono visual effects (for some reason he doesnt have the animation he used to have when you transform on him) nothing has changed, you told us there was going to be a bugfix in the upcoming maintenaince and guess what? you never did, typical oasis moves tbh, just digusting, just like the bug with itachi kimono myst disconnect that tons and tons of people suffer from and you just dont rly bother to correct that, it's better to bring new paywalled ninjas so the whales can give you money than actually supporting the game, just like the tons of flaws like not translated german messages in ninja test and bugged cat quizz questions and now the new bug that shows up ''none'' in the countage of moon/sun coins but i guess you aint solving that aswell, what could i actually wait for...

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oh yeah the itachi kimono bug, i had it too, they were discussing in discord about it,

and many of us just stop using itachi kimono for the buggy reason.

erm as for shisui's kimono.. well i haven't been free enough to test that ninja yet.

is it true that shisui's flickering nimble assault is that fast ?

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Chojuro's breakthroughs are also in German... Been waiting on sage kabuto's immunity being fixed for over 2 months now. The maintenance effort is really sad!

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