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[ Fanfiction ] Special: Saori vs. Team 7!


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*In the Hokage room*

Naruto: *sigh* This is a lot of work...

Shikamaru: What did you've thinked? Being Hokage is not so simple.

Naruto: I know... at least, it's good being recognized by everyone.

*Suddenly, somebody knocks the door*

Naruto: Pass.

*Midnight passed*

Midnight: Good morning, Lord Seventh.

Naruto: Oh, it's you... Midnight Blade, also known as the Darkslayer of Konoha, and the father of the Speedster of Darkness, Saori.

Midnight: Yeah, that's true.

Naruto: How can we help you?

Midnight: I've got the information that Konohamaru, the leader of your son's team, have a temperature, so he won't be making missions for some days.

Naruto: Oh...

Midnight: Also I want to make Saori the leader of your son's team, at least for a while. She's a bit cold as me, but... she want to test the power of the next generation.

Naruto: ... How old is your daughter?

Midnight: She and her brother have 22 years.

Naruto: 22 years... okay... Well, bring Saor-

*Saori teleported to the Hokage's room, performing the Darkslayer Trick*

Saori: Yes, Lord Seventh?

Naruto: From now on, you'll be the leader of the Team 7!

Saori: Thanks, Hokage.

*Naruto gived her the Jounin cloth and then, Saori said thanks and she and her father left the room*

*1 week later, in the Training Grounds...*

Boruto: *sigh* Anyone knows who's the new leader of our team?

Sarada: Mmmmm, no...

Mitsuki: I've heard that is the daughter of the Darkslayer of Konoha, Saori Blade.

Boruto: Saori Blade?

Sarada: I've heard some news that she was the brain in the Temen Ni Gru tower's resurrection one year ago.

Boruto: Hah... that doesn't surprise me.

Mitsuki: I also heard that she doesn't have mercy with nobody.

Boruto: Maybe she likes acting. I don't know who can be so-

???: Evil?

*A lot of rose summoned swords appeared above the Team 7 and they avoided them*

Boruto: Who's there?!

*Saori appeared with new clothes (Jounin green clothes, Tsunade's pants, Azure's Speed of Light's shoes, black nails, and DMC5 Vergil's coat in a green color)*

Boruto: You're Saori?

Saori: Yes, from now on, I'll be replacing Konohamaru. You're Naruto son... *looks Sarada* You're Sasuke's daughter... *looks Mitsuki* And you're Orochimaru's son.

Sarada: What do you want from us?

Saori: Show me your strength... I want to see the power of this new generation.

Boruto: Hah! Come on, guys!

Sarada: Yes!

Mitsuki: Got it!

Saori: ...

Boruto: Rasengan! *throws his invisible Rasengan*

Mitsuki: Thunder Style: Electric Snake!

Sarada: Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!

Saori: ... *recieves the 3 attacks at the same time*

*When the smoke curtain dissapeared, Saori dissapeared too*

Boruto: ...

Sarada: Where's she?!

Mitsuki: That couldn't kill her.

*Saori appeared above a rock, completely clean without any wound*

Saori: If you want to be trained by me, you have to give me at least... one strike... between the 3 of you.

Boruto: Hah... that will be easy.

*Very fast, Saori appeared behind the 3 of them. They couldn't saw her*

Saori: ... It's not.

*In one second, Saori striked the 3 of them a lot of times. She saw Boruto in the air, with some wounds, and then, she punched him in the stomach, making he crash a giant rock. After him, she kicked Sarada in the chest, making she crash a tree. And finally, she made one uppercut to Mitsuki, making he lose some blood*

Boruto: G-GAH...!!

Sarada: N-NGGGGG...!!

Mitsuki: ...

Saori: You think that you have a easy work to do, because you're three against one. However, you don't know what I'm able to do.

Sarada: H-How can y-you move s-so freaking f-fast?!

Boruto: ... (In one second, she striked the three of us without any problem... How can be that possible...?!)

Mitsuki: *felt in the floor*

Saori: ... Pathetic. I'm very dissapointed.

Boruto: How... did you've made that...?

Saori: You 3 can move so fast as the falling water drops of a rain in a storm mode. However... that's nothing for me.

Sarada: "Nothing"?

Saori: You must know... that it doesn't exist persons more faster than my father and me.

Mitsuki: And the Hokage...?

Saori: I won't lie, he have enough power and speed... but he cannot match my speed.

Boruto: What?!

Saori: ... My father and me we are very faster... My father and me we fight at 300.000 kilometers per second!

Team 7: !!!

Mitsuki: Incredible...

Sarada: That's enough to make 7 spins in the complete Earth in one second...!

Saori: That's right... my father and I we move at the speed of light. And if we use our devil form... we double that speed.

Boruto: Speed of light... we cannot move so fast.

Saori: Don't worry, I won't move so fast.

Boruto: N-Ngg...

Saori: Tell you what. Use your full power. Don't hold back... DO IT!

Mitsuki: Our... full power?

Sarada: If we want to get a chance to win, we must do it... even if our enemy is somebody like her...

*Boruto sighed and he activated the Karma Seal, Mitsuki activated his Sage Mode, and Sarada activated her Level 3 Sharingan*

Saori: ... Come.

*The team 7 rushed her, punching and kicking her. But Saori could avoid and block all the attacks. She tried to counterattack, but then, the 3 of them took distance. Boruto prepared a purple chakra Rasengan, Mitsuki prepared a Wind Style jutsu, and Sarada was ready to make a Lightning attack*

Saori: ...

Boruto: Karma Seal: Space Time Rasengan!

Mitsuki: Wind Style: Vacuum Storm!

Sarada: Lightning Style: Thunder Fang!

Saori: ... *sigh*

*The devil woman recieved the triple attack. The entire grounds were shaking about that explosion*.

Boruto: ... Did we've beated her...?

Sarada: No... remember that she can move at the speed of light...

Mitsuki: If she said that... there's no chance to win...

Saori: ... *jumps to the water*

Boruto: Look!

Saori: ... The only ones who can stop me, are my father and my little twin brother. Nobody else... However, they're not here... *takes Yamato*

Team 7: Tsk!

Saori: But that would be nice for the 3 of you... now DIE!!! *She made a giant cut, and when she covered the Yamato, all the trees and 3 mountains were destroyed for Yamato's slash. That move made a powerful shake, making the team 7 be pushed for that wave*


Saori: ... Rest in piece, useless team 7.

Boruto: N-Ngg... are you 2 alive yet...?

Sarada: S-She's a complete m-monster!

Mitsuki: We should escape...

Saori: That won't be a problem... I'll sent the 3 of you to the hell!

Boruto: WATCH OUT!

Saori: Thunder Style: Lightning Plasma!

*She charged her right arm with lightning energy, and she made a lot of waves that striked them. They were screaming of pain*

Saori: You're very arrogant and persistant... let my Yamato end you 3 now... *walks to them slowly with Yamato in her hand*


Saori: ... Kazuya?

Kazu: They're just 3 kids... and you're an adult. That's a shame!

Saori: You know me, little bro. I don't have mercy... with nobody *deadly stare*

Kazu: You're completely insane! What would think Raiden about you...? What would happen if he knows that his auntie is a merciless killer?

Saori: ... I... don't know.

Kazuya: Stop. THIS.

Saori: ... all right, but with one condition.

Kazuya: ...

Saori: Show me that Jutsu you've learned from mom and Azure.

Kazu: ... You mean... that one?

Saori: Yes... I know you're a Wind chakra user, and Azure teached you something of Water style. With that you could mix those natures.

Kazuya: Oh...


Kazuya *with 7 years*: Haaaaaaah! *tries to make a jutsu but falls to the floor, tired*

Breeze: Kazu... I think that's enough for today...

Kazu: No, Mom... I want to show my sister... that I'm not a weakling...!

Azure: Still, you need to rest, dear.

Kazu: But... Auntie Azure...

Azure: Kazu... she doesn't know your true potential?

Kazu: Huh?

Breeze: If your sister is being trained by your father, that doesn't mean you can't overcome her.

Kazu: ...

Azure: Mommy is right, my baby. If Saori keeps getting stronger, you can do it too...

Kazu: R-Really?

Breeze: Of course you can! You're Midnight's son too... and mine.

Kazu: ...

Azure: Let's show him one more time the jutsu, Breezy!

Breeze: Okay. Pay attention, dear!

Kazuya: Yes! *smiles*

*Azure made a Water jutsu and Breezy mixed it with her Wind jutsu, making one Ice Style jutsu. Kazuya was surprised*

*End of Flashback*

*Kazuya rised his arms and took both of his hands*

Saori: ...

*Kazu made a ice tornado that it was covering him. The team 7 escaped from that place*

Saori: ... Shoot.


*Kazu shooted a cold wind blast cannon, that Saori blocked it. After that, a giant ice explosion covered everything with snow*

Kazuya: ... *pant* *pant* It happened a lot of years that I didn't perfomed that jutsu... *pant*

Saori: ... Nice movement, bro. You overcomed your older sister.

Kazuya: !!!

Saori: I'm p-proud... o-of you... *falls to the floor, unconscious*

Kazu: NEE-SAN! *catches her and holds it with his arms*

Saori: Take me... to home... nii-chan...

Kazu: Got it! *opens a portal with Yamato and goes to home*

*Some hours later, at 00 AM*

Saori: *sleeping*

Baby Raiden (Azure's and Kazu's son): Auntie... *tries to be above the bed*

Kazu: *spies him*

Raiden: Auntie... *cries*

Kazu: ... Don't cry, son... Here, let's go to your auntie... *holds Raiden and lays next to Saori*

Raiden: Auntie, daddy! *points Saori and hugs her arm*


Kazu *crying like one idiot, and blushed*: He's very adorable, my love...!

Azure: -_-

*Meanwhile with Saori...*

Saori: *opens her eyes slowly and looks Raiden sleeping while hugs her arm*

Raiden: zzz

Saori: ... heh... my baby... *holds it with her arms, lays him in her chest, hugs him, kisses his forehead, covers him and her with a bed sheet, and sleeps again*

The end

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when Kazuya mentioned Raiden

Saori be like: Y-You can't stop me, Kazuya ಠ_ಠ and him too

Saori inside: What if he hates me, I'll die ಥ ̯ ಥ Nuuuuuuuuuu...!!

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  • Hina Devil On 2019-12-17 11:53:47
  • when Kazuya mentioned Raiden

    Saori be like: Y-You can't stop me, Kazuya ಠ_ಠ and him too

    Saori inside: What if he hates me, I'll die ಥ ̯ ಥ Nuuuuuuuuuu...!!

Totally agree lol

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