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[ Help ] Novelist Jiraiya Mystery question


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This is an interesting Question ,,,since the Mystery of Novelist Jiraiya Effects all ninja on both sides id Like to know how to Calculate the 30 percent loss to Mystery and Standard damage ,,,from what source is this taken from attack and Ninjutsu stats and if so how does it also add the 100 percent to chases at the same time or are we supposed to take it on Faith alone were only losing 30 percent and not 45 or 50 percent sure many would also like the know this answer as well

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Yeah xD just have faith in system that its 30% not more not less

btw its the 30% reduction of your attack and ninjutsu stats of your ninja, which you can see in character menu

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Videos already exist of it. In fact if you stack multiple Jiraiya's it becomes even more obvious. If you have 4 of them on the field (GNW, 3v3, etc) then mysteries do no damage.

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