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[ Lineup ] Jiraiya [Writer] lineups


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Hey guys!





Mystery: Interesting barrier if you have good chases in your team, could be also used to counter enemy barriers because it's 0 battlefield cooldown

Standard Attack: This is his best skill, but it requires some luck to be a great supporting skill

Chase: Kinda hard to trigger because it's 30 hit combo

Passive 1: support skill for himself if you have some female units, so of course it's better to use this ninja in some female team

Passive 2: gained at 3 stars, decent support skill for female units

Overall he's not a really useful ninja except if you get lucky with his standard attack (or if you want to use some * chasing team for fun) , but well considering that he's completely free he could be used if you're a new player

I recommend main ninjas pos1 for new players who don't have any better pos1 ninjas

1. Lightning Main



Some strong and f2pish female units in this team, lack of debuff removal support in this team though

2. Water Main



A strong female team, more relied on durability and poisoning the enemy

3. Wind Main



Can't really put a 3rd female unit in this team because of flower guard passive

Chases could be changed also but you have a decent chase to do the Jiraiya's 30 hit chase like this (especially with Konan mystery)

4. Wind main 2



Similar to the team above, but this team is really * with chases which is amazing if you use Jiraiya's barrier

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I am a huge fan of your work. I have bought a new laptop with windows 10 and i am going to bookmark this blog to my new PC.

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