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There are lot of strong ninjas in the game and meta line up. Do you think hokages are still worth to get (not edo tensei, just normal type) like hashirama, tobirama, minato and hiruzen?

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yes, atleast for my collection

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For 3-4k coupons, yes. Higher than that no.

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No, only one that is worth it would be hashirama. But it would be better to try and pull him in the tendo treasure (but still not recommended because you might get tendo pain) than to spend on him.

Tobirama has never been useful, hiruzen is kinda nice for his suicide, Minato used to be amazing but now edo tensei Minato is just amazing so I wouldn't go for him unless you like seeing that s3xy kunai proc.

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Thank you so much for pieces of advice, now I can focus on ninjas I need to collect.

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Minato Hokage will always be a good support, scaling with every standard attack and dealing more damage with it than some ninjas with mystery. Also 40% bonus resistance which almost never gets removed in this meta.

To me he's way more useful than Hashirama, but not for position one, you want dodge and immunity or at least immunity there.

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