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[ Lineup ] Sasuke Susano'o Sasuke Rinne Sharingan


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It seems like everyone is talking about edo minato bt but I am just wandering (because I have not played naruto for a year so I am not updated to anything) . Who is a stronger between 2 types of sasuke? The susanoo one or the rinne-sharingan? I know you can suggest a lot of stonger ninjas because I feel like sasuke is outdated but it is exciting if I can make experiments / line up with some forgotten ninjas, together with sasuke.

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By technicality Susano, Rinnegan Sasuke does have his positives of being a break CC unit with his standard attack causing paralysis and having a chance to cause chaos to an opponent; however, he doesn't really output enough damage to consider using him and well doesn't do interruption for his mystery. Susano on the other hand has his Skill Trials and enables him to output more damage, has some protection against ninjutsu attacks, and can combo better with other units

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Rinnegan sasuke easily. He has breakthroughs in China that are very unique.

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Thank you for infos, now I can decide well!

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