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[ Events ] Events Cycle - December 12th


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  • Princess Lovers On 2019-12-11 19:27:17
  • To think most people are going to get her for free when we spent nearly 20k cps just to get her, smh. I wonder at this rate who's going to appear in fireworks in the following months.

Except you are not paying for a ninja. You pay for the ability to have an EARLY advantage over other players.

Smh at you people.

They give out bad ninjas = you cry.

They give out good ninjas = you cry.

As things are I'm not surprised they manage this game the way they do...

Would you be satisfied if they changed it to Moegi or Udon tomorrow?

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  • Princess Lovers On 2019-12-11 20:41:37
  • It seems that you're missing my original point. Whether 100 frags or 200 frags of her is in fireworks doesn't matter to me, since I won't be using her anytime soon. All I'm saying is, just how unfair it is to people who actually spent cps to get her, compared to some new alts who might have her for free.

That's my point. It's not unfair at all. You paid not to get a certain ninja. But you paid back then (when she was considered a top tier ninja) to gain an early advantage with her skills over people who did not decide to pay for her. Whether you decide to use it or not is irrelevant.

If I buy something from the shop and the next day said shop decides to hand it out in let's say a chrismas giveaway, do I run moaning to the shop? They have the right to do this with their goods. It was your decision to spend coupons for her.

And as Pupsiiiii said:

[QUOTE]Neither Shisui nor AGK are currently even close to Top Tier.[/QUOTE]

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