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[ Events ] Additional Event - December 9th


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Dear Ninja,

We have received some feedback concerning this week's events. To try to meet a more abroad number of players' requests on getting more rewards and rebate, we decided to grab all of your feedback and bring new event on time for this week.

"Wheel of Fortune" added.

Obtain strong ninja, scrolls and essences by spinning the wheel daily, 100% wins!

Period: Dec 9th-Dec-15th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 25 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, players can spin the wheel once for free every 24 hours. Each spin has a guaranteed reward from the wheel!

b) Lucky Voucher can be obtained in Wishing Lanterns Event. Players cso buy Lucky Voucher in the Shop to get more rewards. Lucky Voucher can be bought with Ingots and Coupons. Mysterious Strong Ninjas await you! Daily limit: 1000 times. (Free draws will not be ac*ulated.)

c) "Lucky Voucher" bought for this week's events need to be used this week, once the event ends, the "Lucky Voucher” you didn't use will be reset to 0.

d) Spin Once = 1 Point, get fixed rewards by getting a given amount of Points! After event ends, the TOP 10 players of this event will get more rewards (this Ranking is not a Cross-Server Ranking).

1st: Treasured Tools Ultimate Essence;

2nd-3rd: Lucky Key Gift Pack2

4th-10th: Advanced Refine Pack*3

d)Once the event ends, rewards for your Ranking can be acquired by refreshing the game or waiting for 1 hour after the event ends.

Best Regards,

Naruto Online Team

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