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[ Fanfiction ] Midnight x Azure Part Spécials "Origins" The beginning


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Breeze: Before we know the rest, we'll be back in the past 8 years when I was at the academy...

Midnight x Azure Spécial "Origins"

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Iruka: I introduce you Azure Fang, she is the best of her class so we decided to bring her here and she is younger than you so do not show yourself mean to her

Kai: Guys, I found the perfect targets

Scarlet: Sister,Sit in front of me and Crimson

Azure: OK...

The hours passed very quickly

Scarlet: It's time to go home but before ...

Azure: What?

Scarlet: I have to go to the bathroom

Azure: No problem...I'm waiting for you outside

Scarlet: Thank you very much

Azure waits for Scarlet in front of the exit

Kai: Hi Azure...

Azure: Hi...

Kai *touch the hair: You are very cute you want to go out with me

Azure: No...

Kai: Here I am the boss so when I give you an order you obey

Azure: I do not want to be with you


Kai: What...

Scarlet: Do not touch my little sister

Kai: And if I do not do it...

Scarlet: I will break your arm

Zen: Kai we have to go home

Kai: OK...GoodBye

Scarlet: Do not worry Azure, I'll always be here to protect you

Azure: Thanks big brother

Scarlet: Let's go


Breeze: Finally back to Konoha

Ayano (the mother of Breeze and Midnight): This village has not changed after 3 years of travel

Midnight: Do not get excited

Breeze: I can not wait to go to the academy tomorrow

Ayano: You must already be at home

Midnight: Mom...What are we going to eat tonight?

Ayano: I am tired once we have deposited all our belongings at home, we will go eat ramen

Midnight: OK

The next day

Scarlet *sneezing

Azure: It's okay?

Scarlet: I think I'll be late for the academy

Azure: OK see you

Naoko (the mother of Scarlet and Azure): Take this medicine

Scarlet: Mom, It tastes bad

Naoko: Close your mouth and drink

Scarlet: OK

Azure *walk in the street

Kai: Your brother is not here to protect you

Azure: Kai...

Kai: Guys

Azure: What?

Kai: We are 4 so you come my girlfriend or you will suffer

Azure: Never

Kai: So...

Zak *catches the right arm

Shin *catches the left arm

Azure: Let me go

Kai *Pull on her hair: So Azure

Azure *cry

Midnight: Stop now

Kai : So sir wants to make the law

Shin: We pulverize him ?

Kai : Yes

Midnight : Coming


Midnight : So now you will stop

Kai : Next time, I'll destroy you and this girl

Midnight: Are you sure ?

Midnight looked at him coldly in the eyes

Kai : Dirty demon

Midnight : Call me what you want but leave it alone or I break your bones

Kai : Guys we go away

Azure : Tha......Thank you

Midnight : No problem

Azure : I.....I...I

Midnight :take my hand and go to the academy

Azure: What's your name ?

Midnight : My name is Midnight,Midnight Blade and you ?

Azure : My name is Azure....Fang

Midnight *smiles : Nice to meet you

Azure *blushed : Me too

Midnight: Let's go

Azure: I never saw you in the village, are you new here?

Midnight: I am not new it is only that at 3 years old I left the village

Azure: Ohh...And you're the only one to have left the village

Midnight: No I was with my mother and my sister

Azure: You have a sister?

Midnight: Yes why?

Azure: I have a brother

Midnight: Speaking of my sister she is right there

Breeze: Hey Midnight

Midnight: Hi

Breeze: You have a girlfriend??

Azure: What? No...

Breeze: Hahaha

Azure: It's time for me to go back to class

Breeze: OK..Wait what's your name ?

Azure: My name is Azure Fang

Breeze: And me Breeze Dancer

Azure *smile: See you Breeze Dancer

Breeze *smile: Same Azure Fang

30 minutes later

Scarlet: Sorry I'm late

Iruka: No problem

Crimson: What is the excuse ??

Scarlet: Sick

Iruka: Today we have 2 new

Azure *blushed: What??! Midnight is here?!!)

Iruka: Here is Breeze and Midnight

Breeze: Hello Everyone

Crimson: I think I found a perfect girl for you

Scarlet: Who?

Crimson: Breeze...

Scarlet *blushed: What?!

Breeze *blushed: This boy is so cute

Midnight: Who?

Breeze: With red eyes

Midnight: OK

Iruka: Introduce yourself

Midnight: I begin

My name is Midnight Blade,My goal is to become Hokage

Scarlet: Sorry Midnight but it's me who would be Hokage

Midnight: No

Scarlet: Yes

Midnight: No

Scarlet: Yes

Midnight: No

Scarlet: Yes

Azure: Calm down

Scarlet: OK

Breeze: My name is Breeze Dancer the sister of Midnight and I want to one day become the most powerful of all the Jonin

Kai: What? It's the sister of Midnight...

Iruka: OK will take place

Scarlet: Midnight..

Midnight: What?

Scarlet: You and I are rivals

Midnight *smile: With pleasure Scarlet

Scarlet: We will be who will be Hokage

Midnight: Yeah...

12 hours later

Crimson: Finally it's time to go home

Scarlet: Yeah

Crimson: Bye

Scarlet: Bye

Breeze: See you Scarlet

Scarlet: See you Breeze...No wait

Breeze *blushed: Yes...

Scarlet: I can talk to you privately??

Breeze: Yes

Azure: We are waiting for you outside

Scarlet: OK

Breeze *blushed: So what is it??

Scarlet *blushed: One of these days, we could go for a walk together

Breeze: With pleasure Scarlet

Scarlet: Thanks

Breeze: See ya

Scarlet: See ya

Several months have passed and it's the day they join the teams

Iruka: Congratulations to those who succeeded today, I will announce your team

Scarlet: Let's go


Team 1: Kai Shin Akane

Team 2: Aoi Ayana Zak

Team 3: Midnight Crimson Azure

Team 4: Kagami Daichi Iyoko

Team 5: Breeze Scarlet Wakame

Team 6: Ran Nagako Machia

From now on you are Genin you will have missions that will be difficult sometimes do not forget all these months of work

Everybody: Ya

Azure: (Me with Midnight...)

Breeze: (Yes Scarlet is with me)

To be continued

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Aaaaa... XD Nice!!

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So that's the origin of Midnight and Azure according to you it's really

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Awesome Great Job Bro

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Amazing When is the next chapter?

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XD Continue like this

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You have infinite imagination

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that's wonderful

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  • Aaaaa... XD Nice!!

Thank you

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  • Sasuke Uchiha ( On 2019-12-14 15:13:33
  • So that's the origin of Midnight and Azure according to you it's really


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  • Awesome Great Job Bro

Thanks bro

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  • Amazing When is the next chapter?

In 3 weeks

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  • XD Continue like this


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  • You have infinite imagination

I know thanks

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  • that's wonderful

Thanks Sister

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This has me interested for more. Keep up the good work.

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