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I suggest to change the name to: p2w arena.

95% of teams: naruto 6p, madara founder, fully skillbroken kakuzu or kushina. Someone from a 2-3 months old server who does not spend ridiculous amount of money has no chance. After over an hour of trying I managed to win TWO times. It's pure buls***

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My Kakuzu and Kushina were sleeping. Ibbiki/Edo-Itachi good enough to make people insta-quit pretty much.

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None of the ninja you mentioned are p2W except founder Madara BT. Every F2P was weak at the beginning. You just got to keep stacking and be more stronger. I remember back in 3.0 I had GNW hinata as position 1 and I thought she was OP xD. Nowadays, F2P got Shisui, Shira and Shizuka for free.

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