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[ Events ] Christmas Advent calendar: 4 days of well...


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  • so Now were all supposed to take the words of a players who has made 0 topics and has only made 2 comments seriously and players like me the ones who dont post meandering mealy mouthed milksop replies who keep the forums fresh with actual opinions that bring enlightenment to the masses and not some claptrap finger pointing Garbage to make one feel self important and raise ones self esteem

no matter how much you try to chill for oasis you cant deny that the event is underwhelming at best, if they wanted to give the ninja in a monthly basis they could put it in the monthly sigh-in instead of sakura and no one would say anything, and you need to get down your high horse because your worth its the same as any other person in here, you are not special because you post a lot of stuff in here because even if you dont do it anyone can.

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