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[ Help ] Question about Ajisai


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the question is the wording on her mystery Mainly the part on Targets struck by her mystery have there chakra Usage increased by 20 points for 2 rounds does that mean the amount it takes to use there talents is raised ,,,like if normally takes 20 to attack it takes 40 instead ?? or is it some other buff or debuff

Any Info on this Question will be Much Appreciated by me and im sure all who read the answer as well

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Translating from the Chinese version of the game, the units struck by ajisai's mystery will have their mystery charka cost increased by 20.

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This is Basically exactly like Nagato's Mystery Breakthrough in which it the increases the target's mystery chakra consumption by 20. However, I believe its bugged at the moment considering it does not effect Kakuzu EG's mystery.

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