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Power level between ninja lineups!!!


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I'm having a weird problem that is probably the *est thing but it's giving me a headache right now lol.Between my sets 1 and 2 there are a thousand points of power of difference, even having the same ninjas with the same equipment in the same place, so I must be forgetting to add something on the second set but I can't figure out what. I have my treasures, my assist links, my talents right, and my tactics. I really don't know what I'm missing and it's bugging me out.

What could I have on my first set that I don't have on the second one?

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most common mistake in this situation is not dragging the Summons, into their slots in the summon menu. (not the line up, but in the "contract" menu)

If so, don't worry. LITERALLY hundreds been there ^^

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Hello ,

Summons most likely .

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