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[ Lineup ] need ideas for kakuzu


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his guys i need some advice for kakuzu EGF i just got him so he's not even close to get any BT skills

here's a list of the ninjas and summons i have






my brain is kinda blocked right now so any help making some teams for kakuzu will help

i'm currently using earth main just because i'm too lazy to unlock the rest of the main chars elemental skills XD

ty in advance

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The standard kakuzu team. Rhino or king of hell summon.

Kakuzu as a support with the basic chakra drain teams. Kisame shark and madara 5 kage can be switched if you wish. Position 1 can be shizuka, sosp naruto, minato jonin, or guy gate of shock. Minato jonin and sosp naruto the safer options obviously. Rhino or king of hell summon.

Full super armor team. 20 combo chase really difficult to get with this team. Possible with flood dragon and kisame combo off of his standard. Works better with water main and her 10 combo chase but would lose the full super armor then. More for fun in my opinion.

All depends on your play style. Definitely some nice ninjas you have though!

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