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Why not deposit money in Naruto online games


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1.They make the characters you buy by paying money unusable according to their own taste.Obviously, you get a character to use to garbage.

2.Instead of resolving errors in the game, they especially allow these problems to continue.

3.They offer an advantage to some players by presenting the event incorrectly. Recently, Young Sage was given 80 fragments for a while, then withdrawn and victimized.

4Now, no one can tell me that if I make a deposit and buy another ninja, the features won't be changed. This means that they will intentionally interfere with my strategy and try to take advantage of other players.

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Totallt true.



usps tracking

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Sadly very true. Been waiting on some bugs being fixed for over 2 months now. Also, some events have some really terrible drop rates that the company blames on rng (recharge and free events alike). Then there is the fact that they say the game won't be affected by the drop of flashplayer but are still withholding what their plan is... I would like to know the future of the game before even thinking about putting money into it.

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i've put a lot of money in this game. and after read this, i think i need to stop it before its late.

if they are working like this, i think i've spent it wrong way

why they don't fixed the bug when we keep feeding them with money?

did you oasis can't find any technician ?

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