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[ Lineup ] Help with lineup (Any main) (Newer player)


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greetings...depending on your ninja collection list you are surely having good ninjas that you might be able to use them on creating wonderful teams and formations...i will be giving few teams examples of the mains ( azure fang & breeze dancer )..hope you may find those examples to be an aid for you....

breeze dancer team

Screenshot (405)

a unique team with great damage potential and endurance support....haku will be giving you the chance to counter your enemy auto barrier while giving damage boost for your entire team which it will rise their damage power surely and giving you the advantage starting on round 1..sai will be a special endurance support for both guren and your main to rise their chance on lasting for more rounds and he will be also a threat for none immune ninjas with his ink lions and also giving you the chance to stop your enemy mystery based on his position and till position 4 or to create more lions by aiming on him before using the mystery...your main will be the most important member on this formation since she will be supporting guren and herself too while also being one that your team is depending on to cause the damage ..reaching round 2 and using the main mystery will allow the team to trigger a serious combo chain of chase attacks that can cause high damage and also holding deadly debuffs..problems for such a team might be buff removing and chakra draining ninjas i think ......

Screenshot (406)

with such talents your main and guren will endure high amount of damage and they will be protected from most of the debuffs you might encounter..having the natural draining talent combined with guren chase attack you will be able to gather more chakra in order to allow more members to use their mystery attack..the summon should aid on reaching your combo chain of the chase attack to the last stage i think....


second breeze dancer team

Screenshot (408)

the famous sand trio.. a popular team surely yet it can. always be great to give wonderful results and specially for wind main i think...with such a formation your team is based on a double duo team working..having gaara to be taking an important part on countering your enemy barrier and giving damage boost for your team combined with temari your formation will be having a splendid support for damage and endurance which it will rise the team potential to great rate surely...your main will be supporting herself and temari with endurance and protection from debuffs .. both your main and kankuro will be extremely dangerous since they will be generating a massive amount of chakra for your team in order to be giving you the chance to trigger most of your members mystery attacks at a specific round which it will cause a dangerous amount of damage surely...reaching stage 2 and using your main mystery you will be able to cause a great damage and arm your team with the energy to launch a deadly strike..problems for you might be barrier change and chakra draining and also control ninjas i think...

Screenshot (407)

not much to say here...its nearly the same talents as the first example yet it can be giving splendid results with such a formation surely...the summon will allow your team to reach the final stage of the combo chain of the chase attacks i think..


azure fang team

Screenshot (404)

a wonderful formation with a special support for female ninjas that can provide high terms of survivalbility for the team surely.....minato is having an important work on the team since he will be able to stop your enemy mystery attack on the position orders from 2 till 4 and also giving leech ability to the whole team except himself..he will be also giving you the chance to surpass super armor will be healing your team and combined with your main healing and minato leech ability sakura will be able to survive for long rounds to keep on supporting the team surely...having her on such a formation order will allow her to rise her damage potential and leeching more..guren will be a problem for your enemy with her chakra draining that will give your team the chance to trigger more than one mystery on a specific round...reaching stage 2 and using your main mystery your team will be allowed to trigger a deadly combo chain of chase attacks to deliver a high amount of damage surely... problems for you might be control ninjas i think...

Screenshot (403)

having such talents for your main and .combined with minato talent your azure fang will be able to drain a great amount of health with the chakra..this will aid on giving her high chances to survive and keep on using the mystery..which it will be making her a dangerous threat to your enemy indeed....the summon will allow your team members to trigger their chase attacks except sakura i think....


that was all....i hope you may find those examples to be worthy and helpful....wish for you fruitful efforts and wonderful results !

best of luck...

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  • Foodmarket On 2019-12-05 11:38:40
  • thank you for the various team suggestions :) I really appreciate the help and look forward to trying them all!

your welcome ...hope you may find them useful

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