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When The Game Doesn't Make Sense


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  • hatemore On 2019-12-03 17:27:35
  • this moon lovers is always crying here in forum lol .. you dont have the right to blame if your not even donating in game... thats the reason why we call some poeple a Big wheel!! they dont care about the price is blah blah blah they want to be stronge so if the money is not a issues for them then you better stfu.. if you realy want to play a fair and skill base game then your not suit in naruto online go play dota,LOL,ML,ROS,PUBG ..

Has to be good to be in charge of a plant account.

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  • hatemore On 2019-12-04 13:54:26
  • as it show to the picture you recharge right?? but not that much?? then if you value your ingots and that event is not worth it to spin ingot then dont do it simple as that !! .. you kept on complaining here in forum with useless topic.. if you want to suggest go to suggest section not here in general discussion.. but as we can see of all you doing here is complaining for nonsense ... you kept on complaining but still do recharge?? what is that>? you dont like the taste of the foods but still you go and always eat in that restaurant?? haha..

Just to let you know, since evidently you are a new player, this game has always been full of tricks played by oasis to make wasting your money simply by not giving you a complete and transparent information about the events proposed.

Do you want a concrete example?

Lucky stars wheel.

For many months in that event there was a hidden counter that prevented any possible chance to win the top reward after somebody in your same server won the reward itself once in that specific day and resetted the following day.

Little problem, even if oasis was full aware of it they didn't notify this to the playerbase.

If the playerbase behaved like you constantly suggest that event would be still here exactly as it was 3 years ago, because in your idea was fine to accept the 1st official position of oasis that at the time was: "there's no hidden counter it's just luck", then after people continued to complain and two whales spent 300k ingots without getting the reward guess what, oasis admitted there was a problem in the event and since the following time modified it and now even you may go there and win the top reward even if somebody else won it before you during the same day.

You are talking like if oasis was a charity foundation full of honest people that never behaved unprofessionally when examples like this one i just recalled (that every player as old as me that still plays may confirm you) were implemented in game more than once and ALWAYS, EVERY SINGLE TIME, the first answer of a risen doubt by a player supported by more than 5 other players that oasis' management made public was that he was dreaming or hallucinating just to go back to their word if put under high pressure by the playerbase, most of the times admitting partially their mistakes or magically solving the issue but only AFTER the complaint arose.

This is what we are talking about.

If you weren't aware of it because you are a new player, now you are.

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